About Envirogen™

Inert gas systems are the safe, natural way to extinguish a fire. Brigit Systems have taken this solution to the next level.

Brigit’s EnvirogenTM offers all the benefits of inert gas systems with several significant design improvements. You’ll find the EnvirogenTM solution is safer and more economical than any other system on the market. Most inert gas systems discharge from the storage cylinders at high pressure, and then use pressure reducers further down the pipe network (therefore requiring both high- and low-pressure piping to handle the pressurized inert gasses as it travels to the discharge nozzle/s). EnvirogenTM is different. Our superior cylinder pressure regulator automatically reduces the pressure of the stored inert gasses at discharge. We provide an ideal discharge pressure and maintain a constant flow rate throughout the system. That means no need for expensive high-pressure piping. With EnvirogenTM, you can use small-diameter, low-pressure piping from the storage cylinders/manifold all the way to the nozzle/s, thus lowering your system costs.

Most inert gas systems discharge into the protected space with a high surge flow rate at the nozzle/s, creating a potentially hazardous pressure peak. Consequently, a large venting area must be installed, to prevent structural damage to the perimeter of the protected space and safeguard employees. In addition, industry regulations state that 95% of the required inert agent must discharge within 60 seconds after activation. To achieve this, the already high surge flow rate is further increasedin some inert gas systems, thereby increasing the risk of damage.

Envirogen™ is safer

Because of the unique pressure regulated valve assembly, the EnvirogenTM agent enters the protected room within the required 60 seconds at a steady flow rate, preventing destructive turbulence from occurring

Therefore, only the amount of inert gas you really need is discharged, and the necessary venting area is much smaller – you can reduce your installation costs by as much as 60% on venting hardware. Inert gas systems are designed to reduce the ambient oxygen concentration in a protected space to between 10 and 14 percent, a level that is breathable, but will not support flaming combustion (thus smothering the fire). At Brigit, we analysed a wide variety of inert gas options before selecting the following two agents found in our EnvirogenTM systems:

  • IG-55 (blend of 50% Nitrogen & 50% Argon)
  • IG-541 (blend of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon & 8% CO2)

Typical applications

  • Computer and Data Centres
  • Operation and Command Centres
  • Simulator Rooms • Financial Centers and Banks
  • Military Storage Centres
  • Machinery Spaces • Laboratories
  • Process Industry Control Rooms
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums and Archives
  • Rare Book Libraries
  • Record Storage Facilities
  • Substation Control Rooms
  • Electrical Switch Rooms
  • Telecommunication Centers