About Brigit™227

Brigit™227 is a fire suppression system, which utilizes HFC-227ea (chemically known as Heptafluoropropane [C3HF7]).


The system is designed as a full flooding system into enclosed areas, in accordance with international standards to provide gaseous fire suppression in situations where conventional fire suppression agents such as water, dry chemical, and carbon dioxide are unsuitable. HFC-227ea, was the first environmentally acceptable replacement for Halon 1301. Brigit™227 is used in applications for both Class-A and Class-B fire risks and is safe for use in occupied areas, at the correct design concentrations. The system is typically used for the protection of valuable/critical assets (usually electronics), the loss of which, would not only be for the value of the equipment, but also the cost of business interruption through information loss. HFC-227ea (as a clean agent) leaves no residue after discharge, is electrically non-conductive, and is colourless and odourless.
HFC-227ea suppresses fire primarily through heat absorption and interrupting the chemical reaction of the fire ‘chain’. (80% cooling & 20% chemical reaction). Once discharged, in accordance with international standards, within 10 seconds, it suppresses fire rapidly thus minimizing damage to property and valuable equipment.


System Components

All components in the Brigit™227 system, valves, storage cylinders etc. are manufactured to international standards and are approved and certified as such by various approval bodies. (TPED, VdS , BSI)


HFC-227ea Storage Cylinder

The agent storage cylinder is fitted with the appropriate valve, gauge and dip tube. The HFC-227ea is stored as a liquefied compressed gas super pressurized with dry nitrogen to 25 Bar (at 25ºC) and is discharged into the protected area as a vapour. Storage Cylinders are available in various capacities to suit the hazard requirements and are provided with signage for handling, operation and maintenance instructions, identifying agent weight, tare weight and gross weight.