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FireProLogic is at the forefront of revolutionizing the fire engineering

industry. We are constantly looking for ways in which to improve on fire protection

systems and can offer our clients solutions for any purpose.

Our innovative approach ensures that we stay ahead of the market in terms of

technological advances and it has enabled us to acquire the distribution rights to a

number of class leading technologies. We have established amazing relationships with

our local suppliers and they are committed to supporting us in the whole of Africa.

FireProLogic prides itself on its ability to integrate the world’s leading technologies into

unique turnkey solutions which are designed to be preventative in nature.

These systems are perfectly aligned with the objectives of organisations that value

human life and would like to sustain business continuity.

Our vision is to become Africa’s Leading Supplier of Specialised Fire Prevention


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FireProLogic has assembled a large list of high profile clients by creating a competitive edge by always having the ability to design and create an expert solution for all types of fire related risks.

INDUSTRIES: We design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain Engineered Fire Risk Systems.

Mining and Industrial Sector


• Electrical Rooms and

  Substations Fire Protection

• Diesel Power Generation Fire


• Transformer Fire Protection

• Turbine Fire Protection

• Compressor Fire Protection

• Conveyor Belt Fire Protection

• Hydraulic Systems Fire


• Diesel and Oil Storage Fire


• Cable Tunnel Fire Protection

• Vehicle and Mining Machinery

  Fire Protection

• Underground Fire Detection

• Explosion Suppression Systems

• Clean Room Fire Protection

• Workshop Fire Protection

Commercial Sector


• Archive Fire Detection and


• Data Centre Fire Detection and


• Server Room Fire Detection and


• Wind Turbine Fire Protection

• Laboratory Fire Protection

• Warehouse Fire Detection and


• Printing Press Fire Protection


• Armour-ed Vehicle Fire Protection

• Crew Fire Protection

• Radio and Radar Installations Fire


• Hanger Fire Protection

• Fuel Storage Fire Protection